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Our next volunteer morning:

Sat 19 August 2017 10-12pm

Meet at the Mannings Lane access point - to work on the pond and areas in that direction

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New members welcome

A warm welcome awaits new members. There is never any obligation. Of course, there are not just volunteers working on the shared pathway, some work behind the scenes.  If you are interested in contributing to our web pages please email karen@millenniumgreenwayfriends.org.uk  for more details


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The journey of the horse from Guilden Sutton to the pond area

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Flowers and objects to see on the Millennium Greenway

A virtual stroll Click here

Take a virtual stroll through the history of the Millennium Greenway courtesy of Steve Howe from Handel’s Court Gallery and the Chester Walls website

The horse’s story Schools info

Newton primary school raised funds for the Millennium Greenway. Info and posters

Click here Visit Meadow Lea coffee shop at the end  of the Millennium Greenway Click here for info

Millennium Greenway volunteers in action

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NEWS - August

1. Sustrans are planning to have an event on the Chester Greenway on Saturday 7 October from 11am to 1pm.  It will be to celebrate the Greenway, promote safe usage and maybe recruit some new volunteers.  Everyone will be welcome to go along to the event but if anyone would like to help with planning it to make it a success Mary Seaton would welcome some involvement anyone who is keen. 

if you are interested in going to a meeting to help plan the event can you let Mary know if either of the following dates suit you?  The meeting may be in Chester town centre.  Mary’s email address is  Mary.seaton@sustrans.org.uk

5.30pm  Wednesday 15th August

5.30pm  Monday 21st August

2. Around 10 of us enjoyed a wild flower walk last week.  I was amazed that within the small area by Brook Lane Bridge and Northgate Pond, we identified at least 29 different flowers!!  Thanks very much to Chris Rowlands and Ian Donnelly for inspiring this walk.

3. As you know the wicker horse is rather dilapidated and we have been trying to get a quote to have it professionally repaired, however Nic Siddle has taken the initiative and planted 2 different varieties of jasmine at the horse’s feet and these are taking quite well, and so hopefully with a little  time and patience the horse will come alive again.  Arnold has also been able to source some willow and in the Autumn we will have a go at repairing the framework of the horse’s face so the jasmine will have a good foundation.

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Walking on the Greenway?

   — Wish you were cycling on it?

Cycling on the Greenway?

    —- Wish you were walking on it?

Visit Bren Bikes (part of the Bren project) at the pavillion, Newton playing fields, where you can buy a highly affordable reconditioned bike or donate your own!

The Bren project is a brilliant initiative to help ‘develop the social, emotional and economic well-being of people with learning disabilities and autism through personalised supported workplace opportunities in partnership with our local community’. Click here for info